win the workplace competition cash flow open O2O mode

online education after several years of development, the market matures. Contention of a hundred schools of thought of the era of the past, now competition of business model and cash flow ability. I won the workplace CEO said in Xiaoye Qie I won the workplace per B Conference on financing, online education, the traditional cash flow and old-fashioned thinking is of no use.


cash flow is conducive to improving the quality of service agencies

Qie Xiaoye says education is often compared to health care. How many people are not important for the hospital, it is important how many people out there. A lot of people go to the hospital to turn around the door, but there is no use, the patient came to hope to cure the disease, the final decision whether the hospital can run down or depends on the number of people cured. The number of hospital cure and ultimately to get a good reputation, it is like in the education sector, only registered users is of no use, only the user real pay, and achieved good results, the company can have a good reputation accumulation."

so he paid much attention to the amount of paid users, care is paid users and cash flow. Cash flow from the understanding of the real needs of the user, and these real learning data, but also help to deepen the understanding of the educational institutions of the students, improve teaching services, increase pay.


line of couplet and development, try O2O mode

Qie Xiaoye believes that the traditional education of pain points that cannot use the "copy" and "paste" will be the teacher’s skills and the needs of the students, and this limitation makes the development of education is only single vertical field, can not be sustained in the breadth of layer force. Qie Xiaoye believes that the three aspects only with PC, mobile, face-to-face advantages, the depth of mining industry pain points, for the entire education industry and put forward solutions, in order to truly solve the problems of online education.

education industry online and offline already not separate, in the depth of the education service market segments, I win the workplace O2O mode to combine online and offline, more able to cover the occupation education qianyiji market.

O2O model will be a major goal of my career in 2016. The success of this model still need time to verify, but I win the workplace in order to content is king, service for the king of the same idea, I expect to win the workplace in 2016 to make a lot of money.

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