Over 40% sites or security vulnerabilities caused by the leakage of personal information of the risk

website vulnerability or cause 5 billion 500 million personal information disclosure risk

due to loopholes in the website of many users registered mail mailbox password is compromised, and the library was hit by hackers to crack iPhone Apple ID, result in the loss of money, and the user information in the tourism and shopping sites registered because of loopholes in the website information disclosure.

yesterday, China’s first website security report released data show that from 2015, site security vulnerabilities accounted for 43.9% of the total number of the scanned sites; and website vulnerabilities repair rate is less than 10%, because the site put a large number of security vulnerabilities, resulting in a year or 5 billion 500 million faces the risk of leakage of information.

at the beginning of this year, a well-known domestic P2P website was found there are high risk vulnerabilities, hackers can be implanted into the back door, to control the purpose of the database and server. Since the top 20 account balance of the platform are more than $20 million, up to more than $100 million, so a rough estimate, the vulnerability will affect at least a few billion yuan in the platform assets. In April this year, another P2P site suffered a database leak, the site’s user name, ID number, phone number, bank card number and a large number of sensitive content exposure, users affected by millions of funds. In October this year, a well-known domestic mail website was blasting loopholes, the user database is suspected of leaking, the impact of the total number of hundreds of millions of information, including user name, MD5 password, password prompt questions / answers.

According to

reporter report statistics show that in 2015 (as of November 18, 2015) sky platform included website vulnerabilities, a total of 1410 vulnerabilities may result in disclosure of personal information on the site, these vulnerabilities involving a total of 1282 sites, the amount of personal information may be disclosed (called may disclose information) up to 5 billion 530 million. That figure is more than double the 2 billion 360 million in 2014. According to the total number of Internet users in China is 650 million, this figure also means that only in 2015 this year, the average Chinese Internet users may disclose at least more than 8 personal information.


billions of personal information leaked

experts on six key areas of IT/ Internet, telecom operators, financial, transportation, education and medical health vulnerability analysis, statistics showed that the disclosure of information is about 1 billion 150 million vulnerabilities can lead to leakage of personal information. The personal information: IT/ Internet sites may reveal the most, 523 million; followed by health website 240 million telecom operators; 197 million; financial website 110 million; traffic website 54 million 180 thousand; education and training 24 million 620 thousand.

information security experts said that at present, the disclosure of personal information has become the primary cause of telecommunications harassment and network hacking, phishing and other network crime. With the rise of Internet plus, networking, car linking >

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