Transaction is king Admin5 upgrade Discuz X1 5 build Trading Forum

recently, the owners of the network’s Trading Forum (, referred to as A5) system successfully upgraded Discuz! X1.5 version, plans to deal with the popularity of two aspects, to create a new A5 trading forum.

figure 1


transaction is king

this month I bought a domain name with 50 thousand yuan."

buy domain name you OUT, I direct domain name, traffic, website to buy!

from the QQ group head of the dialogue can be seen, the webmaster has not only do stand XuSanDuo, they was a shrewd businessman. They are active in the domain name trading institutions, A5 platforms such as a variety of transactions. Slightly different is that the former had to carry out a simple domain name transactions, there are dozens of such institutions in the country; and A5 transaction type is more extensive, including domain names, web sites, traffic, soft…… If the domain name is like a grain and oil store, then, and A5 is like the food market.

to the owners of the transaction based A5 market, there are more than ten thousand daily about the site, domain name, procedures, tasks and links and other related transaction information. A5 not only gather the transaction information of the webmaster, but also provide intermediary services for the owners of the transaction. Webmaster circles have a saying, to the intermediary, it is looking for A5, A5 intermediary fast and safe, Admin5’s intermediary services has become a brand circle and highlights.

of course, A5’s goal is not just the food market, they have begun to big supermarket chain to enter the A5, the first step is to upgrade the Trading Forum Discuz! X1.5. A5 editor in chief hadron said: "Discuz! X1.5 version of the 7.2 version of the interface and the structure appears to be more abundant, full, push and generate the article features simple management. A5 upgrade Discuz! X1.5, is preparing to use its channel classification and article push function for each transaction to try to make channel home page, to facilitate the owners of a better deal."

popularity supplemented by

in addition to the transaction as the core of the forum, A5 also hopes to upgrade the popularity of the A5 Trading Forum to create more popular. To A5 in the forum Zatan forum as an example, the version because the vote, often organized debates, T building and other activities, the popularity of the once popular online at the same time, access to members of more than 5000 people. After upgrading the Discuz! X1.5, A5 is ready to combine the group features, voting capabilities, and QQ login forum features with their business lines.

A5 Zatan forum manager Tang Lei said: "Discuz! X1.5 XPlus extension of the voting, voting makes the interface more beautiful and clear, the webmaster experience is good, we will be the next step in a A5 enabled"

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