Talk about the nternet to promote drainage of those things

let’s talk about the Internet to promote drainage of those things, in fact, so that we have been a headache to attract traffic.

list a few:

1 cited less traffic, very few.

2 is very difficult to stay for drainage contact

3 drainage posts are always deleted

4 drainage Posts always sink

5 drainage posts are always dead, not busy

so, today to give you an analysis of these common problems encountered when the drainage, but also give you a few strokes to solve these problems.

1 cited less traffic, very few

first of all, for this problem, you have to be clear, your traffic is accurate. If your traffic is accurate, then, even if a post only cited 10 traffic, you still earn. If your traffic is not accurate, even if you lead the 1000 traffic, then, can not say that you are successful drainage


for this problem, in fact, I used to write with today’s headlines when the drainage has been said. With today’s headlines to drainage, post do well, every day can lead more than and 100, which are less. However, a very real problem is that the flow is not accurate, you still need to maintain in the late time, continuous refinement and testing.

however, pay attention to Oh, I am not saying that this is not the precise flow Nothing is right. But, you also need time in the late stage, with the topic refinement, can be arranged. Or find some popular business opportunities.

Many novice

will listen to others fudge said, Riyin 1000iP, Riyin IP one hundred thousand etc..

so we look down on only a single digit flow.

or that sentence, every day even if you only attract 3 precise IP, a month you can have 90 IP, almost a connected person.

so you insist on every day, adhere to a year, you can have 1095 accurate flow. These flows are more valuable than those of the day cited 1000 inaccurate ip.

does not have a saying called: a step by step can be to Trinidad? Do the Internet, if there is no such spirit, it is difficult to have


in here:


talk about the website of the recipe of the drainage method.

, in fact, the search volume has been relatively high.

For example:

Kung Pao Chicken minimum is more than 2 thousand


: if the minimum is more than 8 thousand

Braised pork in brown sauce



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