Wanda’s electricity supplier ambitions strategies and tactics you actually guess wrong

I dark horse: This is Wanda Group in the second half to do everything in one of the eight things. Wang Jianlin said: by 2020, Wanda to form real estate, cultural tourism, finance, retail, electricity supplier five business segments. The first 4 sections of the basic fly, and now look at the electricity supplier, well, Wanda is the pillar industry of the 5. So, this was Wang Jianlin high hopes, the general attention of Wanda electricity supplier in the second half of how to play? There are four points you have to see!  

following Wang Jianlin oral:

1, all online resources to all electricity providers.

this is not a requirement, but the discipline, the future does not allow the system to engage in electricity providers, resources should be concentrated, all online resources assigned to the electricity supplier company. Seven or eight years ago, the group has sent a file, do not allow the systems with the bank issued a joint bank card, now look at the basic control. Why did I do it, I think, Wanda enough to grow, or we have invested in a bank, you can be unified by the bank and we issued. I give the electricity supplier companies to raise a little bit of demand, and now we have to think of a more convenient, faster, more useful". What is useful is more beneficial than using any other card, this card in the Wanda Plaza, hotel, resort consumption, buyers can be common, consumption as well as discount points, sweepstakes, value-added services and so on, which in itself is a great piece of business.

a few years, Wanda has nearly 200 Wanda Plaza, more than and 100 hotels, plus 8 to 10 resort opened every year, billions of passenger trips, these consumers are our customers, you can send a million cards, this is a huge advantage and resources.

2, Wanda electricity supplier to see the physical image.

Wanda electricity supplier to the market as soon as possible, so that we can see the physical image of Wanda electricity supplier. Now, Taobao said, we all know that online sell things, said Tencent know WeChat, said Baidu is the search, Wanda electricity supplier to one or two years or so, so everyone says Wanda electricity supplier, you immediately think of the real O2O. Wanda e-commerce model to show the physical image as soon as possible, to answer what Wanda electricity supplier.

3, find a profit model.

Wanda do anything, ultimately pursue profit, not for fame and light face. If the electricity supplier for ten years can not be profitable, then Wanda may not engage in the eight. Although some people say that the loss can still be listed, such as Facebook losses also listed, but that is a special case, Wanda electricity supplier must be profitable. We have decided that China will be the largest electricity supplier to set up a number of Wanda electricity supplier, they come to equity, the first phase of investment 5 billion yuan. Now some companies are willing to invest, in addition to determine the number of companies, there are a lot of companies lined up, willing to share a high price, but we decided to do the first Wanda electricity supplier up again.

Wanda electricity supplier’s core work is about 3 years to find a profit model

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