Guangzhou Tmall supermarket intelligent warehouse investment day tuotou rate reached 99%

news August 15th, billion state power network that Tmall rookie supermarket special bin Guangzhou bin officially put into use. It is reported that Tmall is Tmall Guangzhou supermarket warehouse supermarket to join and rookie Guangdong Xinyi technology to build automated warehousing operations center, the total area of 100 thousand square meters, the main service users in Southern China area, the number of days picking up to 1 million.


it is understood that the warehouse has changed the pattern of artificial walking around, from the people looking for goods into goods to find people". Consumers in the Tmall supermarket orders, warehouse orders instant access to information and form the barcode, barcode is posted on the courier box, the box began to enter the automated track: to arrive at the shelf, a fixed sorter loading, after several designated place full of goods orders, to reach the exit. According to reports, the model can be accurately selected from all more than 40 thousand categories of goods in the whole category, to help improve the efficiency of more than 30% orders.

responsible person, the next two months, Tmall supermarket and rookie network will open a number of new storage, the Tmall supermarket special positions from the current 12 to upgrade to 19 large warehouse warehouse, to upgrade the 11 city 31 city operations operations.


billion state power network to understand, in July this year, Tmall announced the launch of the supermarket "double 2 billion plan", that is 2 billion yuan 2 billion yuan subsidies to consumers, improve the service and supply chain. Among them, the logistics service is an important part of "double 2 billion plan" in the distribution system, rely on the rookie League, super cat has been in the country more than 700 counties to achieve the same day and next day. Data show that over the same day and the next day the cat tuotou rate reached 99%. In September, the cat will be officially launched super night delivery service.

double 2 billion plan is just the beginning, we are very pleased to see peers in the field of business continued to invest, whether it is the consumer or Tmall supermarket, we have a welcome attitude towards capital investment. Ali profitability is strong, there is enough time and money to invest in super consumer subsidies and supply chain upgrade. If we run out of funds in advance, will refill, no cap." Ali, vice president and general manager of Tmall supermarket River revealed that Tmall supermarket will be permanent more than the opponent into several times, to lead the supply chain innovation, service innovation and consumer subsidies.

river said, in addition, Tmall supermarket has developed a detailed development strategy of three years, with the implementation of the "global local Commodity Operation", will further expand the category of the whole, to explore and expand new channels and super mode more business.

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