Say on com sun network chat gadget

today to recommend a web based network chat gadget – sayon, personal feel good, although there is room for improvement in functionality and experience, the product should still be in the development and upgrading stage. This is the website, interested can try

this tool is not strange, strange is that it is free at present, can replace the current market some need to pay to use the tools, and the interface is a bit like a chat room (chat room is also not surprising, the early Internet already exist). We visited some e-commerce sites and service sites often encounter "pops up a small window, it is in the online customer asked us not what to answer, you can directly through the small window with her conversation, there are many such products, 5107 companion website etc.. This product requires annual hundreds of thousands of dollars, but also rented a customer service number limit, if the lifelong may need to buy out tens of thousands of dollars, the cost is not low. With the sayon personal simple, think this product can replace those paid products, but sayon does not seat, because it is the kind of chat room, site traffic also is not afraid of busy.

below simply say the use of sayon:

said simply: if you have a website, or sell products or services in URL, the input of fixed mode in the browser address bar? (you add here. You can, for example, where I can write recipes and published this address, let you visit the website at the same time the people open the address, so you can interact. This method is simple for you, the user is in trouble, so say second ways.

network chat panel JS nested into their own site, sayon will be based on the style you set for you to generate a section of the JS, the JS nested in the corresponding web page on it.

I cite the example of the site, you can also use in your shop, blog, Email. Sayon there are a number of other features, they do not introduce themselves to see

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