Do investment business is not just spending money to advertise

investment in the boiling point of nearly two years of medical video network operation service, often discuss with customers is "how to make better investment, many customers are in the" advertising "and" how to, ask you what kind of website promotion plan ", and I want to ask is" in with the promotion of the website plan at the same time, your products, promotion of what


investment is not just spending money to advertise!".

1 market atmosphere, you marketing it?

how many years ago, my company in the operation of a product, my leader said "appropriate time, put the goods there went out there!" I don’t understand, leadership explained "can only be sold well to go up!"…… Later, our products in the country a month to walk more than 1 thousand pieces of goods, very successful!

Internet era, the information developed in Post Bar and Baidu! We know, can often see patients see some advertising consulting products effect, also can often see some products of the rehabilitation process, I dare say, certainly some companies doing propaganda use these platforms, regardless of whether this is effective, but think about it, sometimes want to prospective agents your website in search of your products, if it is blank or negative information, what would he choose? On the contrary, when he saw was a real recovery story?

2 integrity services, do you care about the current cooperation of customers


to the old batch of new batch number, received the money is not shipped, a woman two married, these agents, are the cause of the injury!

May 2008, Zhengzhou and Sichuan have faith agents Ms. Deng issued a "I alone Confidante", and the arrival of the goods at the local, agents found that the products on the market, then went to the phone with the enterprise, enterprise soon, more than half a year ago do have issued an order to the local, and then the agent said the goods have been sold out. For this matter, the enterprise to seek the views of Ms. Deng, return, refund, Ms. Deng said: after the opportunity, I will choose the product of this enterprise do!

July 2008, Zhengzhou Wopu in ordinary people think the market is not good to do when an agent training, the agent to participate, the more agents here just fly. Department of gynaecology is a clear look at the growth of the brand, Liu always speak frankly, remember the first time I call,

he said, "I have done business!" I heard him many customers praise him, "the new ad shoot, take the initiative to send it to me!" "goods over time, I found that there are many, asked to call the past, know the sample distribution service to imagine! As a starting point, the commitment to creed, will not let more agents around the side of the enterprise


3 tree model!

to do the product, we often shoot a variety of versions of the ad, there are mechanisms, there are articles, there are celebrities,

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