Baidu media said the U S group is negotiating trying to sell Baidu takeout and glutinous rice



/ Yang Xuan Du Muyu editor

Baidu is negotiating with the U.S. group, trying to sell two Baidu takeaway and glutinous rice business, the matter has been recognized as a fact.

it is understood krypton 36, Baidu found help the U.S. group to complete the B round of financing, and comments on the merger of Renaissance, the merger as FA. Baidu and the United States and the two sides have negotiations, but because of the larger differences, as of September 5th evening did not reach an agreement.

is another source of 36 krypton said, Baidu also tried and hungry to negotiate, trying to sell Baidu takeaway. Hungry have seriously considered this matter, because Baidu takeaway in the Beijing market has an advantage, you can make up for the lack of hunger in the Beijing market. But hungry less money at hand, and in July this year just to get a new Huarun investment funds on a cushion.

also informed on Krypton 36 said, Baidu has tried to take away business packaging as "city distribution platform", sold to Jingdong. Jingdong need to establish a distribution network home team, but ultimately invested in dada distribution.

can be determined, is still suffering from burn troubled O2O in the second half of the battle, Baidu has not want to play.

, an insider told krypton 36, Baidu set up the financial services group at the end of 2015 (FSG) after it has initiated the "processing" of rice + takeaway these two assets, intends to make its independent financing or merger. Meanwhile, a Baidu takeaway based on the city logistics platform to seek $3-5 billion B round of financing BP outflows.

According to the 36

Kr knowledge, recently recruited into a glutinous rice every employee needs to grant Robin Li. For the ground is very dependent on the push, sales staff to buy the business, to catch up with the leader of Meida is unrealistic.

July 2015, Baidu launched the "aircraft carrier", will split the business of Baidu Nuomi, Baidu, Baidu, Baidu takeaway video music, literature, etc. 91 Baidu desktop has invested heavily, independent financing. Later, Baidu music and Music Group – merger, Baidu sold 1 billion yuan perfect world literature, but a huge amount of burn O2O project is still uncertain. From all indications, although Baidu has not publicly acknowledged, but the industry generally believe that Baidu has abandoned the O2O strategy. Currently, artificial intelligence and finance is Baidu’s current strategic focus.


spread out of the business plan, Baidu takeaway trying to pack up to the level of the city’s logistics platform

so, Baidu takeaway and glutinous rice two business, how much money to sell right?

in the 2016 Q1 Baidu earnings conference call, Robin Li said Baidu and other institutions to invest in Baidu takeaway, which is valued at $2 billion 400 million – not strictly speaking, Baidu invested in their own.

this valuation is not cheap. Hungry after the last round of investment valuation

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