Businesses can not be too superstitious micro marketing is a marketing concept rather than a method

Discuz! Lovers network April 20th hearing (text / webmaster a see) in April 20th, a friend asked by WeChat, there is no micro marketing the most practical and most useful method of operation?. Micro marketing this concept is very trendy fashion, many businesses have begun in the micro marketing, of course, is a good thing, is a relatively new marketing channels and marketing methods.

so in the end what is micro marketing it is a lot of people think that WeChat marketing, in fact, this is wrong, which makes a logical relationship contains errors. A really included in B, meaning that all A are B, but some B is not A. Micro marketing is just a concept, including WeChat marketing, micro-blog marketing, SMS marketing and other mobile terminals as the media marketing channels and ways. That is to say, micro marketing can be said to be a marketing channel, it can be said to be a marketing approach.

whether it is O2O (Online To Offline) mode or B2C (Business To Customers) model can be achieved with the help of micro marketing online and offline promotion. The former is the main position of micro-blog, Ma saw this, only capital shares Sina micro-blog, Taobao provides for its entrance. The latter is the Tencent WeChat champion, this is a new mode, which is not only the electricity sales model changes, is the communication model update.

In fact, we have compared the

business and traditional sale, the advantages of the electricity supplier is paid, the capital flow and the turnover is convenient, and there is no credit debt. Taobao, Jingdong and other electricity providers is the use of this rapid return of funds has been a great success. So micro marketing at this point is to achieve the ultimate.

How to

micro marketing with the traditional Web sales are not very different, understand? Tomorrow is today’s mobile phone mobile phone and computer integrated machine, Web (called the Web3.0 arena tomorrow is today’s era) website (abridged version of industry says micro site or 3G site), also said that the sale is not changed in essence.

let people talked about the "micro marketing" in the end with the traditional Internet marketing difference? For example, Westerners eat with knives and forks, Asians use chopsticks, its ultimate purpose is to solve the problem of hunger. Micro marketing is just a tool, knife and fork and chopsticks are also a tool. The difference is that the habit is different.

micro marketing as a marketing tool to change shopping transaction mode in the mobile terminal, fingertips to choose and buy, it is passed between the effort to achieve some traditional shopping process, that is to further emancipate the tall man, said bluntly that let people more lazy.

analysis of what is micro marketing, and then return to the micro marketing is the most practical and most useful method of operation?. To be frank with you, I’m working on the new media, but I can’t get it back

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