Secret Taobao village shop village is how to start

Ye Kai (finishing)

University of Science and Technology Beijing

research topics: Zhejiang Taobao Village Development Research

research team: Zheng Cao Jing Liu Shulan Su Fengtong Zhao Ruochun King Yu Rui Jiang Gao Huan Huang Zenan Cui Hongkun

in Chinese, there are nearly 800 million farmers, and they are always facing the Loess back into a short step from image. Today, a thin wire changes their lives.

Taobao village, the Internet farmers wealth myth is how the birth grow? Such wealth patterns could replicate in China’s vast rural areas? With these questions, the research team came to the famous "Taobao village in Zhejiang province".

chose the Zhejiang four Taobao village because they are very concentrated, and have their own characteristics: Qingyan Liu village is the first Village North Village Chinese shop; not only satisfied with Taobao, but also to create their own brands – Beishan wolf outdoor; Xishan village big dam town is a typical Kaoshanchishan, due to the local mountain tree so, the local Taobao village is mainly to do simple furniture; Qingkou village is only in recent years the rise of Taobao village.

China shop first village: Qingyan Liu village

is located in Jiangdong Street Qingyan Liu Cun Zhejiang province Jinhua city Yiwu City, about 280 thousand square meters, a total population of less than 2000 people. The village is the ring road ends to the side, the other side is a commodity cluster. Qingyan Liu village is a small residential area, more than and 200 buildings, 586 farmers Housing corridor, 1800 houses, apartment building uniform black color wall, almost every building on the first floor are warehouse. Now it accommodates more than 8 thousand people, out of the more than 1 thousand Taobao shop, has 2 stores, dozens of golden crown shop. 2010 turnover of more than 2 billion yuan, becoming a veritable Taobao village.

Liu Qingyan at village

city of Yiwu is the world’s largest commodity distribution center, by the United Nations, the world bank and other international authoritative institutions identified as the world’s largest market, is the world’s largest small commodity wholesale market – Yiwu international trade city.

"Beishan model" from scratch: North Village

Beishan village is located in Lishui town pot Jinyun Beishan village at the foot of the end of 2010 after the merger, consisting of three villages on the house, under house and Tangxia, more than and 700 households. Under the house natural village which has more than and 800 people have more than and 200 Taobao stores, concentrated the vast majority of business enterprise. In these more than and 200 Taobao stores, there are 27 crown level. In 2013, the implementation of e-commerce sales of 100 million yuan.

North Village is the first Lishui city rural e-commerce demonstration village. Just a few years, the village from the "burden", mats Clay oven rolls "booth" for the development of the "Taobao village", has been gradually formed in Beishan wolf company as a leader, to individuals, families and small team opened stores as a fulcrum to the outdoor play >

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