58 city Yao will buy qiye com will push B2B classification website

      May 22nd news, according to sources, 58 city network president Yao Jinbo recently bought qiye.com domain names from foreign domain name investors, turnover of about $20 thousand.

said the 58 city network president Yao Jinbo recently from foreign investors to buy qiye.com domain name domain name, turnover of around $20 thousand, but Yao Jinbo is the name of the city of 58, or the name of an individual to buy, is unknown.

Yao Jinbo said in an interview that he did have purchased the domain name, plans to use the domain name to build a B2B classified information website, but he did not disclose the specific details of the domain name and planning.

reporter query Whois information discovery, the domain name has been transferred to the name of Yao Jinbo, has not yet enabled.

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