Taobao fake online shopping environment is not a disaster caused by flooding water face job

Taobao brand infringement, fake disaster caused by flooding water, is almost All the world knows.. Even in the face a shy Nang specially to Taobao to buy brand-name products that are high imitation. According to media reports, the first large store "in the early years Taobao touted lemon Green Tea, last year alone due to selling Taobao eight penalties. Taobao store sales of goods of the individual liar waste things from the author in the It is often seen., rate of more than 99% Taobao Five Diamond consumer protection shop to buy a mobile phone delisting also had to buy fake mobile phone, thanks to a Taobao before catching up to buy the mobile phone to identify anti fraud knowledge, the hand of the mobile phone is refurbished goods.

even as thousands of shop, including lemon Green Tea and dozens of Taobao mall selling fake "Fang Chanel" brand products, led to the Guangzhou City Court Fang clothing Limited company and Zhejiang Taobao Network Co. ltd..

choose the rights in Fang company, also found a strange phenomenon: Fang Chanel search on Taobao, actually can not collect any information given Fang flagship store! Not only that, Fang also get a notice sent to Taobao’s flagship store, said Fang Chanel to date (December 31, 2010) after that, Taobao mall will not to renew his contract, but refused to disclose the reason. "We think this is the Taobao deliberately take revenge." Guangzhou City Fang clothing Limited company "Fang Chanel" e-commerce general manager Yang Yonghua said. (this news from China Network)

February 28, 2011, the US trade representative’s Office released a counterfeit and pirated products "bad market" list, which Chinese is included. I believe many senior Internet users to see the information will not be surprised.

then quickly respond to Taobao, on the second day, that is, in March 31, 2011, the introduction of the new Taobao mall investment standards. In the new Taobao mall investment standards, Taobao mall settled in a new condition. It requires the application of clothing, home textiles, children’s clothing category flagship store, stores, franchise stores, each category must provide at least one CNAS and CMA certificate issued by the authority of the quality inspection report. Children’s clothing, for example, issued a product quality inspection report must include the following:

1, component content. That is, fiber content, including fabric, lining, area of more than 15% of the accessories and decorative materials.

two, color fastness. The products include color fastness, washing fastness, perspiration fastness, color fastness to saliva.

three, logo. With the label, washing mark.

four, including size, appearance quality, manufacturing quality, appearance, color, appearance, ironing instructions etc..

this rule does not mean that there is a quality inspection report in different categories. In the case of children’s clothing, for example, a variety of goods, such as T-shirts, dresses, fiber content of the goods must be required to provide quality inspection reports, but note that in the same category, >

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