9158 CEO Fu Zhengjun outside always questioned our do walking a fine line of business

[Abstract] Fu Zhengjun said the company in the process of growing up is always questioned walking a fine line, but any inappropriate content will be processed quickly.


technology news (Le Tian) July 10th news, have online Cara OK 9158, sina Show and many other mainland micro girl video chat room brand Columba interactive landing in Hong Kong yesterday. 9158 Fu Fu CEO released an open letter, said the total growth in the process of being questioned in the 9158.

Fu Zhengjun said, many people have questioned: "why do we do such a business?" "it is walking a fine line of business?" "such enterprises to be listed?", for these voices, 9158 responded that the supervision system of companies have done the whole platform without end, any inappropriate content will be fast processing in a few minutes.

Fu Zhengjun pointed out, now Columba, not only after 90 business platform, after 70, 80 entertainment platform, no matter how many questioned outside the presence of Columba, is the best proof of the 9158 listed. After the listing, said Fu Zhengjun also accepted the Tencent technology and other media interviews, the U.S. stock market in poor circumstances, Columba interactive opening up the market that the company has been recognized by investors.

in accordance with the plan, 9158 this year will launch 6-8 mobile games, the business is expected to have good growth potential. He also said, Columba interactive video medical mobile client is developed, and the Hong Kong listed companies will enter the online medical market healthy international cooperation.

9158 CEO Fu int the text of internal letter:

July 9, 2014, believe that for every a person, is a special day. Today, Columba successfully landed on the stock exchange of Hongkong, officially listed! Because our 90% employees are 80, so I chose 1980 as the Columba stock code 1980, we speak for themselves!

recall from the start to the successful listing of this period of time, in order to achieve the company’s IPO desire, each employee is very hard to complete their milestone, which gives us a high degree of evaluation of the investment bank. UBS colleague evaluation we have superior execution, is the only one in recent years, they do not have a IPO delay project!

for Columba, the listing is a breakthrough in leaps and bounds, it is an exciting and exciting historic moment! Especially in the past few months, Hong Kong stocks issued under the situation of frequent cold, our business model and development strategy still got a strong pursuit of investors, institutional investors including Soros, CIC, China life Harvard University, fidelity, fund a number of the world’s top 100 big funds, retail subscription ratio to break through the Hong Kong stock market in recent months, their recognition proves Columba strength.

listing also opens up more opportunities for us, we will usher in more likely in the future, although this

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