The future is the website production company quality Lang bad nternet service market

regardless of the media or Internet users, focus on Internet sites, mostly gathered in the giant leader, popular mode, financing market, paid little attention to provide the underlying Internet service company and the state of the overall market environment. Although these small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals to provide technical support, website design, space domain agent small service companies do not have any elements of news, but the website production technology service company, company, but it affects millions of small and medium enterprises China Internet management and personal users love on the internet. These small and medium enterprises and individuals, but also affects the future of China’s Internet, the Chinese Internet will bring supply, capital, services, technology, information and other comprehensive factors.


information exchange service of the Internet, the threshold is too low it is difficult to retain relevant evidence, virtualization, service quality, the service quality of the website production company Lang bad. In the long run, it will affect the development of network marketing of small and medium enterprises, and even affect the overall growth environment of the internet.


records in this paper explain the recent several friends through the Witkey website, dealing with small and medium-sized website production company:

, a Judas kiss

a friend engaged in the Internet advertising marketing for 5 years, want to establish a small advertising company, advertising services for new and old customers. In the production of the company’s Web site, in order to save costs, in the eight quit network released the task of bidding information. A QQ number 394148460, in the first time with a friend made contact.

this person provides a large number of website success stories and team introduction, have to admit is that he provides the site is indeed fine art, generous page, the overall visual impact is very strong. According to him, the team members are also experienced. Throughout the negotiation process, he has been asked to pay the proportion of 3:4:3, that is, to pay 30% of the cost of advance.

this is in line with the requirements of the industry, but he was far away in Anhui can not interview. Friends also admitted that the industry experienced, and even did not verify each other’s phone number true and false, in 10 minutes immediately after the deposit. But on the second night, the man was not on the line. Until the seventh day, to the home page of the site on the line, a friend was aware of the situation is not good, call the phone number left by the team members of the three members, no one answered.

in this way, a person engaged in Internet marketing for many years, the people on the Internet is easily cheated money. If we say that this person is simply a liar, is not a professional team to provide site production. Well, the following introduction of the experience of another friend, perhaps more able to explain the problem.

two, he

friend B engaged in the promotion of the Internet for 3 years, want to establish a website will promote the experience and promotion of all kinds of skills on the website. The requirements of the web page is simple, less functional. He is also

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