Let the love go home to launch the Spring Festival network love send tickets activities

Spring Festival is approaching, for each of a wandering people, wanting to go home at this moment of homesickness eager and anxious. Eager to reunite with family as early as possible. Anxiety is worried about buying tickets to go home. Home is always the most warm harbor. Even in the outside world meet again big waves, home is always people shelter. Parents care about her husband’s wife, filial piety, filial piety, family and friends care. It will make you feel warm and meticulous unrecoginized heart warm. This year, the pressure and that accumulate in the outer hard suddenly swept away, see the sun through the clouds. For every person who goes out, the Spring Festival is the most anticipated thing.


is also accompanied by the arrival of the Spring Festival, many of his friends want to go home in a foreign land, but can’t go home again. "The Chinese New year". This sentence does not know how many people affect the heart. However, the annual Spring Festival tickets on the train hard, difficult, so many people want to go home to reunite "at the ticket and stop to go home for a family reunion dinner to become the hearts of many people? Especially for those migrant workers friends, but hard to get a vote, more difficulties are too far from home, is not a small sum of money the cost of. There are a lot of workers who choose not to go home every year, although on the surface of said home is the same, but their hearts sour and who knows, and look forward to family reunion in the mood choose not to go home the moment is so strong! During the loss of their hate, let a some of the difficulties people only in different places to celebrate the new year, and the home of the old mother, helplessly looking at the distant place, waiting for the return of the child.

January 4, 2011, the introduction of national railway transportation plan, once a year the ticket peak also immediately announced the curtain. At this moment, how many people in the cold wind in the queue waiting for a train ticket. Although the rise of website and telephone booking ticket brings convenience to people, but did not ease to a train ticket. Tengfei network (www.17tf.com/) as a professional IDC supply and demand release platform for the owners and IDC businesses to provide a platform for publishing and seeking IDC related services, has been the majority of users praise. Off net has been in addition to adhere to the user as the center, do IDC supply and demand release platform, has been keen on public welfare undertakings. Spring seems relationship with the site without, but this moment, travel ticket difficult but it affects off net every employee’s heart.

                development of network responsible person told the reporter: "there were half of the employees in the field, the annual Spring Festival home although the field staff can leave early, but the ticket is very tight. As a leader, I can understand the urgency of employees to go home for the new year, so every year to help them book tickets in advance. Our website is for Adsense service, there are some people in the North drift, flying south for business people, for Adsense service at the same time.

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