Sina Tencent and other 50 portals with 6 kinds of domain name slaughter

"so many concubine Jiangshan, countless heroes jingzheyao." Whether it is a Chinese first in the United States listed Internet companies name, or menacing Yahoo China, how many have the infinite beauty of the portal site, now or decline, or defeat. Now, in the portal this piece of an exquisite scenery Jiangshan, in addition to Sina, Tencent, Sohu and NetEase four kingdoms, there are a large number of portals in constantly expanding their territory. They rely on Pinyin domain name, domain name or pretext of creative, or by letter names, each to blaze a new trail.


: the creative domain name of the portal type

creative domain sword Zoupian front Sohu, led by Sina

launched in 1997, the website includes domestic and international finance and technology, and other 14 news categories, is one of the most important Chinese official website. In addition to the official rich resources, Xinhua is also quite concerned about the choice of domain name, is enabled by the Sino British According to Alexa query, the domain average daily IP (Zhou Pingjun) up to 39 million 900 thousand, the average daily PV (Zhou Pingjun) up to 159 million 600 thousand. In addition, also very domineering to the word "news" domain name in the bag.

is also the mainstream of China’s web portal Phoenix, the domain name is also quite a choice. Phoenix was founded in 1996, the initial choice is more complex, in order to facilitate user memory and brand promotion, but also the public domain name, from the more than 1 thousand domain names finalized in the current Whether it is understood as my Phoenix, or love Phoenix, creative domain name are more in line with the Phoenix brand positioning and content.

1998, Zhang Zhaoyang was formally established Sohu, with a carefully crafted car, real estate, finance and IT four major industries in the rapid development of professional channels, in 2000, Sohu successfully listed in the United states. Although Zhang Zhaoyang now pay more attention to video and online games of the two big business, but still help creative, strong stand China four portals list. Upon inquiry, domain name daily IP (Zhou Pingjun) up to 122700000, the average daily PV (Zhou Pingjun) reached 368100000.

as the first of the four major portal, is also eyeing the creative domain name, from the Latin "China" Sino and China English combination of the domain name, meaning was given the "Chinese", expressed the hope to become China’s Sina portal to. Of course, now also is true in cheer became the absolute leader China portal".


: the portal domain type of the letter domain name >

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