Original music base 5sing resurrection dead hopeless kugou domain name

Further reading: original music base 5sing by cool dog reborn for kugou two domain name original music website 5sing and wo99 are unable to access the former spread harmful audio-visual program 5sing was sealed, wo99 hanging? The original cover, etc. the outlook is good music website 5sing net by hold exposure: truth is not licensed domain name frozen original music base 5sing controversy: the reoccurrence predicament domain strong? After 5sing or WO99 cannot access the domain name customers to suspend the analysis

renamed China (eName.cn) July 9th hearing, it is reported that yesterday was a cool dog trying to take advantage of the rebirth of the China original music base 5sing, and stalls event recovery! That night there will be some users reflect, the new domain 5sing.kugou.com two after the replacement has been unable to access. How frequently the 5sing can survive the storm? And whether the original official domain name 5sing.com die



figure: 5sing two new domain name can not open

on the end of the month so far, original music base 5sing has experienced multiple difficulties, already cannot withstand a single blow. From the domain name 5sing.com hold is unable to access the site, to spread on the network rumors vest and domain name rumors, to the netizen exposure the website domain name is hold the truth, is not licensed, the website was sealed the domain name is frozen. But yesterday for music lovers to bring good news 5sing, once again into a dead end, and the two level domain name "aborted"



micro-blog information

for trying to take advantage of the cool dog the rebirth of the original music base 5sing, some netizens said that the current two level domain name 5sing.kugou.com, is still testing the reduction stage, a lot of no music website instability is also normal; but there are also netizens think, this is obviously not a domain name will be able to solve the problem, this website also hung if? The site will face the difficulties in bringing the truth to the public, so users can understand and support.

it is understood that the official micro-blog since the early release due to a sudden failure of the site, 5sing site will be suspended for maintenance and upgrade of the service announcement, there is no new fast 20 days. For the new two domain name can not access the event, 5sing official did not explain this. As of press time, the domain name 5sing.kugou.com, 5sing.com still can not open.

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