How to do more targeted promotion of your site

every webmaster in at the beginning of the site, very clear positioning of their own website and website of the target customer base, then, in the specific promotion work, how should we look for their target customers, so as to promote their own websites? The following combination of bump exhibition nets of promotion strategy to specific talk. I hope to help a friend in the new station.

There are a lot of

website promotion, bump exhibition nets when first created, taking into account the new haven’t profitable, start spending money do not promote some worthwhile, so do not need to use some main charge of promotion, such as quiz website promotion, Forum promotion, QQ group promotion, blog promotion and so on.

quiz website promotion, is for the answer questions, questions in technical into their own website. In order to promote a more targeted, before using this promotion, we must first clear, target customers generally used their own website what kind of search keywords, and we and related websites. Clear these keywords, then register multiple vest to ask ourselves from a, so that the user in the search for these keywords, nature will see your ad card, and these users will generally be your target customers, highly targeted. We bump exhibition nets total chose 5 large quiz website: Baidu know, YAHOO knowledge hall, Q & A, Sina, Soso Ask ask. As a webmaster, may wish to pay more attention to these questions and answers platform.

often see a lot of experts on the Internet said that the promotion of the forum is relatively good, personally think, indeed. Forum promotion be targeted is actually very simple, first of all to collect their target customers often go to some of the forum and the plate, screened more popular, and then prepare the corresponding software to a post, through traffic analysis, choose to obtain IP quantity, high conversion rate of PV and the forum plate, after the key to the promotion of forum.


when we bump exhibition nets is not built, had already started to build QQ group in preparation for the promotion, because our website is doing the exhibition, the exhibitors, the exhibition is the target customer service providers, booth, booth rental business, exhibitors and other related groups, so I through the exhibition, exhibition and other related keywords. In the QQ group to search for users to find their target customers, and invite them to join my QQ group, highly targeted, specific practices, we can see another article on my site, QQ group in advance".

on the blog promotion targeted is relatively easy, blog on the website, can in the blog user interface, according to the theme of the site search, we bump exhibition nets is using the exhibition, exhibition and other search keywords to target customers of the blog, also can search the blogosphere, mining their own website user.


website is the most direct way to the target customer site to, want to find more target customers, should be in our website industry leading website > Army

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