Elong to Ctrip’s real reason

      elong as a special case of Chinese Internet companies in recent years, it is difficult to estimate the future. Listed a few years time is still not profitable, the first quarter of this year, when in the tourism industry is very hot, still a loss of about 900000, two years as chief executive for three! Last year in the Tang founder board forced backstage, found a McDonald’s original China general manager Stuart Stuart to the old, but also can not fundamentally change what is his only contribution to the end of the year, can finally put the financial statements to do a little more beautiful. We called "toothpaste type profit", finally can also NSDK of the United States investors have a "account"! However, his work fooled investors, do not fool sensible, was eventually forced to leave! Another competitor in the same industry Ctrip, in recent years can be said to earn pours, we will be confused, it is not as long as the art of Ctrip? Industry experts do a variety of analysis, competitors are also given an analysis, eLong has made its own analysis! See a manager in elong last month, the analysis he gives is the management of the salary is too high, the management of the profit fell! The lower level of the company’s employees on the upper reaches of the envy of the speech is inevitable, this analysis is not necessarily true, the people of the management of Ctrip wages are not low!

      in recent years, I have been very concerned about this matter, I booked a room reservation in several Ctrip, eLong, mango, integrated several of these services, I found the reason of elong failure or in the service! This is exactly the same as his rival Ctrip’s analysis of the former CEO Liang liang! Because the reservation is not a complete Internet industry, the traditional service industry should be strictly! Service is fundamental to the development of enterprises! But I beg to differ Liang analysis, Mr. Leung has boasted of his foreign sigma management is winning their way, the same year flicker art dragon, still in the flicker in a new way! How about the whole world, he James Liang is the management of the wizards, others do not?

      my personal analysis is given, the elong has done a good job, including their website alliance and agents systems have been more than Ctrip, the only mistake is should not take the customer service center in Beijing! Beijing really is not suitable for the construction of the efficient customer service center, we all know that Beijing people can also become Kan Kan, Beijing people in their daily life habits, so as Chinese the political center of Beijing is the most appropriate, politics and politicians is to be able to talk! But an efficient customer service center needs to be more pragmatic and efficient! Once there was a friend, he also has a web site has done elong agent, we all know that the service industry is the worst to do, there will always be some not very good order! He said that every time they call this order to communicate with elong is the most headaches, often as long as a minute to solve the problem directly

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