Google Alexa ranked first super YAHOO into the world’s number one website

Tencent Francisco Beijing on February 4th news according to foreign media reports, before that, Google more than YAHOO is only a matter of time the global flow of the first big website, the long term trend is inevitable. Now Alexa has ranked Google as the largest website.

, as shown in the picture, in December 29th last year to 26 this year, the day of January, in most of the time Google’s traffic is higher than YAHOO’s traffic. But Google to 3 months in the average ranking of more than YAHOO, but also need to maintain this momentum, because the average ranking of the 3 months is the official ranking Alexa.


statistics show that Google traffic has more than YAHOO (Tencent technology plan)


review process of Google more than YAHOO: in October 2007, the number of unique users of Google than YAHOO, but YAHOO pageviews still maintain great advantage; in January 5, 2009, Google for the first time in the Alexa rankings to occupy the first day flow.

in the past few weeks, YAHOO has 2 on Saturday to return to the first position, respectively, in January 10th and 17, but on Monday (day 12 and on the day of 19) fell to. The reason seems to be that Google’s independent visitors will drop on the weekend. Since January 19th Google has been ranked first in.

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