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is a castle will be only 50 people in the private community, unless someone out, can come in many new, micro business real big coffee inside. Castle Peak will be in the most beautiful country Wuyuan Castle Peak built a club, where no net no electricity no signal. Every year we get up for two days. In the process of communication in the mountains, I love to everyone involved to share their skills, let everybody common benefit.

A member of the

master’s castle will be the last April, he began to do business at the start empty-handed micro and other micro taking the case of the decline, he had to rise, only less than a year and a half, has done more than 50 million of the monthly sales, this article will master the core of secret sharing.

1, free sharing fans

2, select the sketch class to do micro business

3, even winning mode high-speed expansion

4, micro business success core secrets

a free accumulation of fans

micro film

master, formerly known as Liu Fuyou, has been using Taobao early start, but has not done, his Taobao venture had made into a film called "micro master Taobao dream", touched a lot of friends, but also accumulated a lot of fans.

from media

is the basis of fans, master began to do from the stars, through all kinds of media platform to write articles to share their experience, after writing a series of articles, fans more and more, many Taobao open shop every day to see his article, his influence is also slowly increasing.


has the influence, with the foundation of fans, the master began to play a completely different training mode: free class. He combined many circles of friends engaged in direct free training online through YY, because it is free, so reputation and participation rose quickly, a year down, often engage in a YY online training is tens of thousands of people to participate in.

so, he spent a year accumulated a lot of loyal iron powder!

two, select the sketch class to do micro business

is the master in 2015 began to do micro business, he gave up the Taobao into the micro business opportunity is a bit late, but he is very clever to avoid the competition of the market, find a very clever breakthrough.

how did he do it?

started from 2013 to 2014 micro micro business, taking the rise, early this year, the micro business are not creative, basically do the mask and cosmetics, in 2015 these products are rotten, a large number of brands began to mask micro team finished, began to seek new products.

choice is more important than effort

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