The boss does not agree with internet marketing how to do

Internet connection between people more simple, electricity providers to make our transactions more convenient, everyone is talking about the Internet, are talking about electricity providers, are talking about network marketing. However, for most marketing operations, the boss does not agree with the Internet marketing is the biggest problem. What should I do?

it is on behalf of the operating companies or marketing, or in the business office or the marketing department, we found that Internet marketing is difficult to be a boss or the person in charge of the enterprise identity, which can not carry out our work, even affect the effectiveness of marketing. Guardian Yuan Kun has been focused on the enterprise network marketing industry solutions for such problems one by one to give their own answers.


boss does not agree with the Internet marketing how to do?

one: the boss does not have Internet awareness.

the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises and no Internet consciousness, that enterprise existing marketing mode is good, although operators now have encountered some problems, but also not hurt the bones. Of course, there are some companies see the Internet fiery, but still in a wait and see angle.

this kind of problem is generally the most problems encountered in the operation of the marketing service providers, for this problem, Yuan Kun suggested that the way is: free training. Be sure to understand the target customers of the industry, analysis of the current market situation, the target customer is currently experiencing the biggest problem, given the solution. Allow customers to see the advantages of the Internet to see the impact of Internet marketing on the enterprise.

through training so that more bosses see the role of the Internet, this is a long-term process. We know that it is very difficult to change the thinking, which is similar to the traditional market under the line to open up the market, develop user habits, time is relatively long. But the customer must be loyal, at least when he first thought of us in need of service.

two: the boss says he’s doing it.

some companies have seen the advantages of the Internet, but also to see a lot of peer made some achievements. This kind of person in charge of a small decision, we also want to do the internet. How do you find an employee to see how others do it, the more you do not know how to operate, and finally lost the direction.

also some business owners said that we recruit a marketing director, the problem has emerged: first, we do not want to go to small businesses, and the second is even if the trick is not to give permission.

if you do it yourself, guardian Yuan Kun is recommended that the relevant person in charge should learn professional network marketing, with the basis of their own operations. Of course, their operation costs are relatively high, after all, this is a process of trial and error. If is to recruit a marketing executive, as operators, the master must have the right marketing, after all he is a professional marketing personnel.

three: are we looking for a generation operator?

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