Micro blog marketing for a new face


as a media circles a lot of people think it It is all up with. WeChat’s development momentum has a trend which cannot be halted a rising industry, and then, like a raging fire nova. People can not help but sigh: the waves beat waves, the waves die on the beach. But we always have an old saying: ginger or old spicy. In the face of such a strong momentum of WeChat, micro-blog as a more mature development of the network media has its own way to deal with. Not to mention, Sina moved to mobile client sooner or later, this one is in itself, is a turning point. In Sina launched micro-blog after the payment function, many companies see the money scene, micro-blog returned to the past that some lively, although this way with the pace of WeChat is exactly the same, but micro-blog seems to have to fight a momentum.

imagine, micro-blog powerful user groups and user dependent, when these people can be done in a micro-blog page: browse – interest – Single – payment – share "of the entire process, it will be beyond the reach of any marketing.

so with micro-blog into the closed loop era, micro-blog’s marketing ideas are also facing the refresh". In fact, no matter how the platform changes, marketing philosophy is unchanged. Here on the basis of our team for many years micro-blog operating experience to talk about their views. And the real case for everyone to elaborate.

user needs first regardless of what kind of business you are, what platform to promote, this is the most fundamental. Borrow the hierarchy of needs of the most simple, micro-blog as a flow of information media, the user’s physiological and safety needs have been met, the original sense of freshness, demand has weakened, and micro-blog hopes to achieve better social, in the micro-blog marketing process in the realization of social public respect and self value. In this state, the process of consumer purchase behavior is no longer simple, but it is regarded as the acquisition of data information, comparison, enhance the self knowledge system, and then share the process of diffusion of information. Of course, this is just a big direction, the enterprise is different, its micro-blog to meet the customer needs are bound to be different.

above is a survey on the use of micro-blog in 2013, this form will be very intuitive customer needs to show out, therefore, the ability to meet these needs will directly determine the success or failure of micro-blog marketing.

pay attention to the effect of micro-blog has become a lot of commercial marketing media, is its simple operation, the rapid spread of the buzz effect, or the spread of the virus. In order to really play a role in this effect, in addition to meet the needs of users, is the content of the. Diffusion is one of the most important link in the buzz is the message, but before diffusing a basic premise is to suck the eye, no matter what your demands with, let a person produce communication or forwarding is fundamental in winter. This will depend on the color of the content.

whether it is WeChat or micro-blog, network marketing content is the king of the guidelines has never changed. Interesting, preferential content has the strongest appeal, user participation naturally high. Your micro-blog marketing did not

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