Enterprise web site promotion methods small summary

after the completion of each web site, we must conduct a good promotion, corporate Web site is not out of the Oh, and corporate sites are generally accompanied by product promotion, so the network promotion is more important. Today, we will summarize the small enterprise website promotion method.

enterprise website has some inherent characteristics: is the general page beautiful, update slowly, content is scarce. These characteristics cause the enterprise website to do SEO a little difficult. Below we enumerate the promotion methods, and examples.

(1) E-mail: This is a common promotion measures, but for now the hair up are a bit difficult, because now the mailbox limit strictly, and the user know is advertising messages.

(2) forum post: this seems to be the old way, but here there are some tips, do well, you can make the multiplier. Promotion of different sites, to different forums, not stereotyped. Such as the promotion of the tree network online customer service software, if you went to the entertainment forum is not good, but if in some e-commerce forum or the forum software, it is good oh.

(3) to establish a web site customer service system: This is the website and products and users to communicate directly to the channel, the promotion of enterprise website is helpful. TBT online customer service is a good recommendation.

(4): establish a chain and potential customer site Links, buy links, or please people posting, purchase forum signature (such as the A5 forum will provide this service)

(5) paid to promote the key words we know oh.

(6) to build a blog, or product marketing sub station: note that these blogs and sub stations use different domain names, the content is not the same. This belongs to the SEO series. For example, I set up sub station promotion: (http://s.kefu.freeb.cn)

(7) human QQ group to find customers corresponding to your products.

(8) Alibaba, enterprise yellow pages using some platform.

(9) other people can use their own network of resources.

more than just in the promotion of enterprise website can use some methods, welcome more friends to communicate with me, to explore more ways. I’m working on a case: http://s.www.21video.net.

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