Personal experience to achieve the most effective way to promote the website

1, set up a blog: have good effect with dispatch blog, Sina blog, and then link to your host. This way is very convenient, and the effect is very good, need to pay attention, you will need to add some blog circles, to expand your blog’s popularity and visiting rate, and then guide the IP into your site, this is a long process, but also to update frequently, and a certain amount of time after the accumulation, you you can see the remarkable effect, at present I stood to flow from the blog daily in about 500. Need to specifically point out that the Baidu space, because Baidu has always been a special treat for his own products, so this is a must be opened, but also to work with the update, and strengthen the interaction with other space users.

2, soft Wen promotion: this everyone should understand, webmasters online discussion is enough, so I will not repeat. But note that the soft Wen promotion, pay attention to the soft Wen written, there must be real, and not write an article link is a soft Wen added, to be true to life, like when we write the teacher to teach us, not dry without chewing head, to see it the article is to provide some help or information, this is a good article.

3, QQ group: in fact, many Internet users they are lazy, and some users in computer operation is very poor, but they will be using QQ, we want to establish their own web site QQ group, and led them into the host browse. This is also discussed in the webmaster network many times, I will not say more, this effect is very good, I currently have 5 groups, the 4 groups are full, good guide, you can instantly have hundreds of IP into my master. So we have to stand when you have to build their own QQ group.

4, the local site, the best way is to promote the website promotion in the mouth, so the line of the party, the activities of the organization, better than the above promotion effect, as long as you do not waste station, through activities that allow users to get good experience, they will use the mouth to you play free advertising, this is the best way to promote


5, combined with the characteristics of their own website, find their own way of promotion, such as you are entertainment sites, then the NetEase entertainment, Tianya forum will be your best place to go, where gossip things can be instantly to be concerned. If you are technical information type site, you can go to CSDN and other sites to post, message. A friend asked me? I don’t know this website belongs to industry in which station, good to the navigation station to see it, usually in the home are relatively large site. They can use their power, so many of their users into your traffic.

write so much, inevitably there are omissions, the future will add, this is I now feel several way to promote better. This paper consists of super white feeds, please indicate the source. I qq:11408959, welcome the friends of the chain.

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