Lake micro decoration O2O system function exposure of the national distribution system

micro O2O arena decoration system lasted more than two months, from development to test all of the work is nearing completion, relative to the previous maximum Home Furnishing portal system is different, the whole system is based on the WeChat micro decoration operation. Before also wrote several article micro decoration O2O system functions, but are relatively scattered, in fact, the micro O2O system and its decoration is a system program, as it is a complete set of decoration effect of O2O solution; why do you say, here we have to mention four major characteristics of the function of



first, the national distribution system;

universal differential pin system spread 600 million WeChat users based on the circle of friends to share, easily led tens of thousands of WeChat users together to help you take the initiative to sell goods, so that every WeChat users become your product promotion, through a chain of acquaintances to achieve fission word-of-mouth, low cost and wide spread fast.


1, wide: all over the WeChat user groups, circle of friends to share the word of mouth marketing, to help you build the national automated marketing network

2, fast: let users become your promoters, ultra low cost, virus spread, full distribution, so that more people to help you sell products

3, force: the biggest incentive to spread the power of users; make good use of the circle of friends, universal promotion to get back now, take your users to make money!

4, province: zero input, the first to pay the results of the marketing; promotion first, back now, ultra low cost control;

5, then: a key operation, access to distribution qualifications, convenient management, convenient operation of the background and management center

6, accurate: accurate user circle of friends to share, the greater the degree of excavation of your massive potential users!


, for example, we set up in the background of the micro decoration system as long as the promoters to share out the link brings 20 effective visitors, then automatically return to $1. The general process is as follows:

promoter —-> promote sharing links to the circle of friends or —-> background statistics of 1 days to 100 visitors to —-> the system automatically return now 5 yuan to —-> promotion account; the promotion of money continued to share; —->

this is a virtuous cycle of profit model, will greatly enhance the promoters to share the initiative to spread the initiative!

original source of micro decoration portal system:

understanding of the features of the micro decoration system features, you can focus on:

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