Taobao mobile phone how to promote Wireless traffic from 0 to 10 thousand takes only 13 steps

remember the sun in March, that day we ushered in an extraordinary 3.8 women’s day, that time, Taobao used nearly double the advertising costs in 2013, made nearly double the sales of nearly $eleven in 2013.

of course, that is a common activity, is a turning point in a wireless battlefield smoke, at the end of 2013 contacts, not on WeChat a little shake, a large amount of money to buy micro-blog, but WeChat has not completely broke out, the Spring Festival Red, then the micro shop, micro mall, micro payment is menacing.

if the previous Taobao is open, so big, so for honest penguins, the closed loop allows them to do, they do others insurmountable walls, the walls in the circle of customers.

to do a strong attack, Taobao’s mobile phone APP mobile phone, Taobao should be a force, so there were 3.8 women’s day a strong debut, Taobao mobile phone attention can be said to be in the.

here and we talk about the mobile phone Taobao promotion: now Taobao mobile phone promotion, train, drill, and SEO.

from the beginning of November last year, our team has been testing three promotion effect, after 10 points, dozens of products, and tens of thousands of advertising costs of testing, we conclude that, in the end the most effective promotion of mobile phone or SEO, and search ranking research, as long as the operation of the market properly, even shop a lot of stuck Tmall ranking opportunity.

here to share with you after we practice and operation, in a number of well-known stores have successfully tested the phone Taobao search twelve weights.

the first point, mobile baby description


put it in the first place, because the mobile phone is bazaar shops need to be specially manufactured, it is a relatively important weight, we found the general settings, than the same situation is not set, rely on a lot, so we put it in the first place.

this is a set of points can be added to the operation, a lot of shops really ignored!

is this, every time you open the baby editor can jump out, there may be a lot of store baby has been uploaded, or too much of the baby to ignore them, this is a very important weight.


here is not to say that the phone baby describes the optimization of it, but to say that the phone baby’s description of the residence time and the jump rate, the same as the search rankings.

second points, gold coin

Taobao at the end of the opening of the gold coins set, which has been an exclusive C store activities, many people just know he can do activities, I do not know now applied to the phone Taobao, the impact on the ranking is very important.


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