E mail marketing Raiders

7 effective contact can produce 1 sales; after the 10 purchase, the customer has recommended to you as many as 7 times

      we can often hear the foreign trade company salesman complaining so B2B platform effect is not good, or how a new inquiry online trading company to consult others such as Alibaba, such as Made-in-China platform, but we ignore this important factor the conversion rate of inquiry. The effect of a B2B platform should be evaluated from three aspects: the number of inquiries, the quality of the platform itself and the conversion rate of the order of the inquiry. Alibaba, Made-in-China these mainstream B2B platform, the most critical is the inquiry order conversion rate.

      what is E-mail marketing

      in Europe and the United States, E-mail marketing has been quite mature, and in B2B, B2C and other fields have been widely used. In China, the development of E-mail marketing slightly lagging behind, people tend to E-mail marketing misunderstanding for mass spam. In fact, E-mail marketing is the premise of the user’s permission in advance, through e-mail to the target user to convey valuable information of a network marketing means. The three basic factors of E-mail marketing include: Based on the user’s permission, the information and the information is valuable to the user. Three factors missing one, can not be called effective E-mail marketing.

      I’m interested in your products, send me more information. "B2B platform to do foreign trade salesman seen too many such enquiries, although it seems the inquiry is your target customers, but this does not mean that he will immediately order. Inquiry is a good start, but usually the new inquiry order conversion rate is low, in the other party before the order, there is a long or short incubation period. People who buy the sample or the first order can only be called the buyer, not the customer, because you do not know whether the other party will continue to order. So foreign trade salesman in the use of the B2B platform, is concerned about how to make inquiries into the first order and let the next single company repeated orders.

      E-mail marketing has many advantages. The use of E-mail marketing is a customer the most cost-effective way of communication, and is more effective than traditional direct telephone; E-mail marketing can cultivate potential buyers or your customers when they are making purchasing decisions, to provide you with the training information tend to support their decision; E-mail marketing can keep a lasting relationship between the enterprise and the customer, "Harvard Business Review" has pointed out that the development of new customers.

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