Where is the outlet of personal marketing blog


Hello everyone, I am Lao pu. Personal blog SEO flood let us rethink the significance of the SEO blog, the old Po also has its own SEO blog, but rarely have to update the article, is to give up this blog, in addition to personal blog SEO, there are a lot of personal blog, personal blog marketing IT. Of course, the theme of the blog different determines the content and definition is not the same, the well-known IT blog Moonlight blog, Lou loose blog, but marketing blog famous old Pu is not clear, in fact, no matter what type of blog, do promotion and marketing, blog marketing is a kind of paper. So, as a personal marketing blog, how to do a good job marketing soft? Personal marketing blog there is no way out?

first, seriously consider the positioning of marketing blog and user groups

personal blog also has a clear positioning and marketing theme, personal blog is focused on "marketing" two words, marketing needs to have the object and the user group, think about this question is sure to write in the blog before, that is the old Po blog is for which users or what industry. The marketing scope is too broad, with corporate marketing, marketing, marketing is a forum and so on, are you good at which the marketing field? For example: you are an expert in a marketing aspect, are views of corporate marketing, naturally you will write about this Bo Wen, your blog users it basically can be determined, is those who want to learn marketing users, this part can be divided into business owners and peers. Determine a good blog users, when you are writing to be more natural from the two roles to consider, for example, talk about the main business of network marketing, cognitive learning talk the important meaning of enterprise network marketing. The theme and content of the blog comes from the analysis of the user, the blog is more for your users to see, rather than your own.

then, how to sell their own brand or service

to write a blog for what? You must go to the old Po thought, most SEO people have a personal blog as a diary, recording your workplace mood, a little experience in writing SEO. In short, there is no link to the blog and make money, in fact, this is not bad, but the reality is that many people want to rely on their own blog to make money. But as a blog to do the same stand, the need for long-term adherence, the need for traffic and visibility. Personal blog promotion is the weapon marketing, a common concern and reprint articles will naturally enhance blog visibility, to bring a lot of traffic blog, but how to use soft Wen to marketing their own brand or service? I think we need to pay attention to three points: first, to identify the user’s taste, what kind of the article can attract users to read. Second, pay attention to the form of soft Wen, what kind of article form can cause users to read interest. Third, Bowen and soft Wen is a little different, the nature of advertising can not be too obvious

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