Website promotion novice easy to make 7 Mistakes

now more and more people engaged in the Internet, because of its low threshold, we do not need to have a higher degree, do not need to have high technology. Only need to choose a project, to find a regular CMS fool type site, you can build their own website. But the only Wangzhuan is the establishment of the website, the most important should be the network marketing. Even if a site is beautiful, but if there is no user access, products and services can not be transformed, it can not be regarded as a successful e-commerce. Now I am still in the learning stage, spare time is also engaged in the work of their own network promotion, leisure time bubble forum related to the owners, but also like to answer the question of novice webmaster website promotion. Now the webmaster is blundering, hope the night out is not put into effect, hope or less labor can have a big payoff, today I smoke half an hour, finishing this article, I hope to share the 7 error prone and novice website promotion everyone.

first, impulsive mentality. Maybe now we are in the era of information explosion, every day to receive, see a lot of information, there are true, there are false. We may see a master interview this morning, said a project Wangzhuan money easily, they immediately registered domain name, website, dream tomorrow I could follow the money; after a few days, and see that Taobao customer money, so he is a registered domain name, web site, and then again dreams of getting rich. Such a cycle, a lot of domain name registration, website made a big push, but the real money website a few, even if there is No. Second years to renew the host, domain name, even the capital does not come back to earn someone at the station grew up. The main reason is the mentality of not straighten out, impetuous mentality has created such a result. So, if you want to engage in Wangzhuan, website promotion, first put the mentality, if you are impatient, want overnight millionaires, you still to do something.

second, the lack of basic technology. Although I also said in front of the network, the threshold is very low, everyone can have a website, everyone can call themselves is the webmaster, everyone can say that they engage in Wangzhuan, engaged in network promotion work. But you don’t have a basic level of knowledge. These days in a QQ group saw a netizen to host the site where the space with more than a week, when people in the kind of host, he take the view of relevant information, the past one or two weeks, the website space also no choice. If you do not even the conventional CMS, FTP and other software will not be used, then you still have to buy a host, a domain name, do not say to make money, to learn the basis of web technology. Then think about making money.

third, the basic knowledge of website promotion. On this knowledge, many on the network. We need to know the optimization of the construction site within the layout, title, connection and other related knowledge; also need to understand the basic properties and characteristics of search engine, is an important link in external links or important, or basic promotion >

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