Flow realizable weapon Discuz

advertising revenue has been an important source of revenue, many sites are relying on advertising alliance to increase revenue, which shows the importance of advertising alliance on the site and the webmaster. Although the market is now advertising alliance, variety is very rich, but the quality of the alliance website is still uneven in quality, benefit is not guaranteed. In order to let the webmaster more focus on operations, peace of mind to make money, has been committed to providing solutions for community Discuz webmaster! Also launched a closely relationship with the owners of advertising alliance, Discuz alliance, to help more Adsense! Continue to gain income, help website made substantial progress.

it is reported that, Discuz is an alliance based on the Discuz (Tencent) launched a pay per click (CPC) based advertising services, and to cover a wide range, high precision, strong reputation for the three value proposition. The platform integrates a number of Tencent advertising channel, the Tencent of high-end brand advertisers resources, bring huge cash income for the realization of the webmaster, advertisers, webmaster, platform, users win-win pattern. Discuz! Alliance was formally launched in May this year, the current number of advertisers has reached more than 10000, involving automotive, real estate, catering and entertainment, e-commerce and other hot industries. Discuz in daily covering more than 300 million active users of the Internet platform driven by the union to the site! With the flow and realized the potential role of more and more prominent, the first to join the alliance site has gained tangible benefits.

back home Li Gaohong: Discuz alliance brand high reliable

back home in August last year joined the Discuz alliance! Stationmaster Li Gaohong was satisfied with the alliance advertising revenue, and share a money tips. Li Gaohong said: "I have done a comparison of income, Discuz, the alliance’s advertising and website merchants to graphic advertising quite. But there are skills, such as the site has an empty ad, you may wish to use the alliance to fill the ad. Here I have a practical business experience, put a Discuz in March this year back home forum! Alliance banner ads, the result was a never contacted the 4S shop see link to our website, to specify the advertising, and signed a one-year contract. From this point of view, the alliance has a guiding role in the new advertising advertising investment."

talked about why join the Discuz, Li Gaohong said: "the alliance has been used in the past, but Google’s withdrawal from China, the sharp decline in revenue in. Also choose other small advertising alliance, but the quality is not high, and the deduction of the traffic situation. When we learned that Discuz! Alliance to be on the line, based on the trust of the Discuz, we understand that after the choice to join. Back home from 2006 onwards began to use the Discuz program, and all the way to work together with Kang Sheng, this time with Discuz!

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