Specifically to help people brush Baidu ranked two due to the destruction of computer information sy

sell cheat software

specifically to help people brush Baidu ranked two because of the destruction of computer information system crime was sentenced to


comic Yu Xiaoxiang

Express News (correspondent Liu Sheng Lei Hoon intern reporter Wang Yue Wang Rui) in the network era, what problems encountered in "Baidu", has become the people’s living habits, a smell of the opportunities from".

was born in 1991, Li Yang, in 2010 with a few friends set up a company specializing in sales of software, not long after, several other partners have left the company. After that, Li Yang recruited 6 salesman and 1 customer service, and hired Huang Shaowei as general manager, responsible for the management of staff.

Li Yang sales of software, the function is to enhance the ranking of enterprises in Baidu search, as an agent, Li Yang can get 30% of the sales. For a long time, Li Yang think the cost is too high to earn too little, the initiation of their own development of similar software ideas, even the name is good to call the first".

through the network, Li Yang please software programmer Wang Chieh developed the software, and paid 20000 yuan of development fees, software maintenance fee of $5000 per month. This is called the first, the software is to put the customer’s key words in Baidu search engine, and then upgrade to Baidu home page, improve customer browsing. In fact, this software is equivalent to a cheat device, click on the simulation, so that the customer clicks increased, thereby enhancing the customer’s Baidu search rankings. Software is divided into free version, personal edition, professional edition and enterprise edition, the price ranging from 1000 to 6000 yuan, and can recharge extended service.


, Li Yang will do pre agent when the customer is transferred to the first software, claiming the original free software upgrades, customers need then registered user name and password, and other customers to truly appreciate the benefits of sales.

salesman is no salary, according to the commission. Li Yang Commission 40%, a commission of $30%, salesman Commission of $30%. Salesman is generally engaged in telephone sales and network sales. Enter a keyword at Baidu, just look at the first three pages of the search results, find the contact potential customers, and then through telephone or QQ contact with each other to sell software, if the other party needs, will be free to customers of Baidu search rankings, ranked in the home or even the first, let the customer see. Is in effect before the signing of the contract to buy software.

through the influence of Baidu search results, Li Yang for their revenue, the impact of the other users of Baidu search experience, to the Baidu Inc also caused direct economic losses, damage to Baidu’s brand image, has bad effect on the search engine market, the Internet ecosystem.

recently, Qinhuai District Procuratorate on suspicion of destruction of computer information system crime on Li Yang, Huang

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