Discuz 7 version of the release of the new version of the experience to improve

November 3rd, Discuz! 7 beta released on its official website (www.discuz.net) for webmasters and users to download experience.

as a popular webmaster friends favorite forum /BBS station, Discuz! Is not only Comsenz (Comsenz) under the banner of the core software community forum, more carrying station and love dream webmaster friends. Following Discuz! After version 6.1 released Discuz! Online community development team combines the current development trend of BBS+SNS, in order to create a Discuz! 7 become more easy to use, stable and efficient station products, product experience successively in the station discuz.org and discuz.net official forum on-line test Discuz 7 version.

Discuz 7 is in Discuz!! 6.1 version of a key improvement, not only improved the avatar system animation support, attachment bulk upload, classification information management, the local landing security problem of public concern. Discuz! 7 also focused on the introduction of the forum mission system, enhance the interactivity of the forum. At the same time, through the new technology to improve the Discuz forum and the application of UCenter, the forum /BBS and SNS, CMS and more closely together.

of course, Discuz 7 is not only a technical improvement of the application level, more importantly, combined with the development trend of the network community, leading the development trend of network community product design. Discuz! 7 the core idea of the new version of the design is: to improve the reading experience of the forum, to speed up the speed of participation of new users to participate in the forum, to simplify the complex problem. At the same time, in order to better help the majority of webmaster friends profit, the new version of Discuz! 7 can be very convenient to install and delete forum game plug-in Yes play". Discuz! 7 bold breakthrough in the design, focusing on the theme of information and community interaction on the article, the new version of the on-line test by the majority of webmaster friends support.

currently, Discuz! 7 beta is only available for a new installation, does not provide upgrades. Test program can be a new installation, built-in UCenter, you can install it once, do not provide other versions to upgrade to the beta. The test provides only a GBK version of the code, only one style, more style, please refer to the official forum sample.


figure 01 military world


figure 02 Discuz! 7 beta background

Discuz! 7 beta download address: http://s.downlo>

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