Taobao website search with a search engine officially opened

November 26th, Taobao disclosure, the station has been a search with a search through the search, the user with the help of the new shopping guide function, you can directly search information, forums, questions and answers and other Taobao station information. This initiative, but also the outside world is seen as Taobao is speeding up the promotion of a Amoy search signal.

Taobao website officially launched the main search guide function, through the introduction of Taobao’s independent search engine Amoy network content, provide detailed parameters, the baby for consumer forums, quizzes, information and other text information content, to help consumers make smart shopping decisions, one-stop shopping.

shopping guide function on the line to allow consumers to understand the full range of product information, which can provide consumers with a more comprehensive and authoritative basis for shopping decisions." Taobao search related parties, said, shopping guide function can be more information related to the goods to consumers, but also from an objective point of view for consumers to recommend more suitable goods and businesses".

The contents of the shopping guide function

is provided by the new on-line shopping search engine Amoy network, open out the search page contrast can be found in the Taobao shopping guide function data content and almost a scouring of the comprehensive search of the same page.

previously, Amoy network has just released the B2C net foreign businesses open search platform, the responsible person has said Zhang Qian will further intensify efforts to promote a cat ", the guide function is equal to the entrance of a line Amoy net increase in Taobao station, which confirmed Taobao to accelerate the promotion of Amoy the determination of net.

a scouring network is Taobao’s own search engine, intended to provide a full range of commodity information retrieval. (end)

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