P2P net loan company barbaric growth who too define the lack of supervision

side is the rapid expansion of the size of the market, while the gold loan, loan excellent and easy network, ha net loan platform Juankuan run away…… Since 2007, the country’s first P2P net loan company since the appearance of attention and questioning has been accompanied by the market for up to six years. "Full moon wine" done "farewell dinner" of the public lending network has become a typical representative of the P2P market barbaric growth. Participants, corporate governance chaos, dragons and fishes jumbled together for lack of regulatory rules, this emerging industry planted a time bomb.

P2P net loan company frequently die

is not a full moon on mortality, P2P net loan company loan network this fall". April 2nd morning, the public lending network issued a letter to investors, said he was bankrupt, and shouted slogans will not do the runner. From that day on, the content of the website continues to be deleted to the blank, online customer service is no longer lit up, leaving only a warm celebration of the public lending network on the red line hung alone in the top. After half a month to search the public lending network, click on the open web page will only make an error, that the domain name can not be resolved, the public lending network so completely disappeared in the public view.

no public lending network lending platform has yet to restore calm, just 8 days later, on April 10th, the urban and rural loans in its website linked to business announcement, said the "urban and rural loan website now closed. Prior to this, only the principal and interest of an investor have been raised".

is less than 10 days, two network platforms have announced bankruptcy, seemingly closed "smart", it is reasonable. For the reasons for bankruptcy, the public lending network announcement said, because of the lack of experience in the management team, resulting in the occurrence of the company’s operational risk". In a public lending network investor activist group of investors Mr. Wang (a pseudonym) told the Beijing Daily reporter, "in fact, at the time of bidding before himself some suspicion, one is in the operation of the site is quite deserted, many days in a row are hung with the same slogan, feel the business is very bleak, another online customer service is not professional, even ordinary investors are less, some to’modeled ‘can only use the language to answer". This seems to confirm the lack of experience in the management team position.

But for

, "insiders", net lending platform collapse is not the case, there is not. Before the public lending network and rural loan, gold loan, excellent and easy network, Aetna outstanding and many other net loan company has exposed the scandal run away. As the market participants said, the public lending network will not be the last one, there are a large number of net loan companies are repeating the lending network ‘play’". However, why net loan companies collapse one after another, the problems are thought-provoking. Statistics show that the current domestic P2P mode online and offline micro credit service company has reached more than 2 thousand, but the platform may only rely on uneven in quality, many thousands of dollars rent a system or several college students to rent a house, a few tables, a few computer became a net loan platform. The public lending network such P2P net loan company, although the registered capital

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