Baidu is not difficult to capture

Baidu included speed who knows, like a snail, so want to let it included his stand that is very difficult thing, in January was not included purely normal

but Baidu does not acknowledge it, no matter how you optimize, how to increase the chain, even if you don’t go to Baidu Post Bar to dump you. Don’t love you. So please believe that the new Baidu included is a very difficult thing.

but yesterday found that let me feel, in fact, Baidu captured the heart is not difficult. Before accidentally went to a station, the first to do, said early too early, check the next admin date is January eight. The domain name is, the program is DCZ, the server is a company, I no money, but it is not a good thing, for example I have FTP permission, can not change things, the server is the United States, somewhat affect the access speed.

I analyzed why this station would be so fast and Baidu included, after a total of 20 days, I have no management besides the middle, may be at most 15 days will be included in Baidu.

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summary: from the domain name, the domain name is CN you can see no garbage, optimization of how to optimize the POWER BY DCZ title information.

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