Devine by CCTV to promote 520 cn lead China diamond online shopping

recently, a high-profile Devine Jewelry Web just won the reputation of "the 2010 Best China jewelry shopping website" attack, invested nearly 10 million in the first B2C Chinese CCTV premiere enterprise advertisement: "in Devine, spend the same money, buy a larger diamond"; over the same period, Devine denounced 100 million heavily purchased (homonym for "I love you China?"), to replace the original (on behalf of "let the jewelry to the public"), Devine used the most digital combination meaning into new domain most of love: Devine? 520 (I love you) with the help of CCTV economic channel brand strength and popularity.


Devine put CCTV ads to promote (Devine? I love you) domain name

Devine big lead China online shopping diamond

a simple, with the enterprise trademark related domain name can not only facilitate the memory of enterprise users, but also to facilitate the promotion of enterprise brand, the importance of domain name is obvious. The new domain name as a recent Alibaba enabled, and spend huge amounts of money purchased for domain, the largest third party payment platform of alipay.

according to a domain name trading for many years engaged in insiders, currently in digital.Cn domain is very hot, from the most loving and allegorical figures, catchy, concise and easy to remember, "I love you", is more valuable, according to the current market estimates, the transaction price of about 1 million yuan at least above. The investment purchased the domain name, called the following Aveni put in the CCTV advertising after a big change, but also to make the practical action to enhance the user experience.

in the field of the Internet, when the user experience needs to become a platform to consider the issue of the first time, the real user experience for the sake of the enterprise, most of the needs will be translated into practical action. In the case of Devine’s purchase of domain name, it is not difficult to see that Devine is the user experience needs in the first place. For ordinary users, than the with the use of convenience.

so Devine spent huge amounts of money to purchase the domain name is a kind of new course to enhance the user experience, but also a real user experience and is responsible for the sake of new behavior; and with the help of CCTV do promotion, not only opened a good bureau for the Devine brand upgrade, but also shows its online shopping continues to lead the Chinese diamond tranysexsual.

Devine online shopping: save money for consumers

, the cost of opening a jewelry store is very high, the cost of opening several stores is very high. A d’aveni stores are not good, let your money really spend to buy diamond jewelry, no longer expensive pay for the shop. In Devine, >

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