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Gong Haiyan


Sina Technology Shen Yunfang

founder Gong Haiyan’s resignation and decentralization, giving Jiayuan future another possibility. The domestic marriage website listed the first shares, ending 9 months of joint CEO transition stage, officially entered the state of professional managers in charge.

Gong Haiyan down

Monday, Jiayuan shares opened higher to go, as of the closing stock price rose 4.4%, to stand on the $5 mark. But just before the opening, Jiayuan announced that the board of directors of company founder Gong Haiyan resigned as CO CEO, as CO chairman. Another joint CEO Wu Linguang became CEO, responsible for the company’s daily operations and management.

this personnel adjustment comes into effect today, Gong Haiyan also after the media reports came from colleagues, friends and media calls. At that time, she is the first face "by investors forcing speculation, followed by the question of public opinion on the company performance and prospects.

Tuesday morning, the news of the personnel adjustment has been a round of communication. Morning at about 10, Gong Haiyan explained the reasons for the resignation of CEO to sina on the phone, and the nine years of entrepreneurial poubai sigh with emotion. The phone in her voice, mood is not high, unlike her before participating in a television program of the open.

take up and put down is the best attitude towards life." Gong Haiyan commented on his decision. She stated, their outgoing Co CEO not being the board of directors to resign but bigong. In her opinion, if not to resign, no one would require or suggest that the company founder left her.

Jiayuan is Gong Haiyan — from the founding to the brand image, although she had not the first major shareholder company. 2010, 2011 years, Gong Haiyan with his entrepreneurial story frequently appeared "every day" and other popular variety show, as Jiayuan won the exposure of a time of baihe.com, cherish network competitors and catch up. "The first network matchmaker" has become the most obvious personal label Gong Haiyan.

from a sister to Fudan graduate school work, fully understand the Internet arts students Gong Haiyan more than seven years will Jiayuan made the only one listed dating sites. As Gong Haiyan himself said, leave no stone unturned venture nine years and Jiayuan listed has made her career peaked, almost complete.

but the Internet is changing too fast to catch up with the 2012, Lily network, love rival network has let Jiayuan obviously felt the pressure. Gong Haiyan’s personal business bottlenecks are also beginning to expose. Previously, Jiayuan, by the effect of charge line activities and TV programs or modes in the hand of Gong Haiyan. Pay by effect is still

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