Daily topic millet into the nternet Financial push demand treasure to create new credit mechanism

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) May 12th news, yesterday formally launched millet finance, and launched the first financial products, demand treasure".

According to

reports, millet need to demand treasure at the age of 18 users, through the personal identity card account and activate the current treasure, an ID corresponding to a current Alipay account, the product supports ICBC, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank, Huaxia Bank, China Everbright Bank, Shanghai bank, Ping An Bank debit card binding. The corresponding product is yifangda day belongs to the financial funds, money market funds, which belongs to the type of securities investment fund in lower risk.

millet mobile phone users can update or download the development version of the system MIUI millet millet app store in APP financial "way to use" millet demand treasure, the financial product is managed by the fund’s Monetary Fund to provide financial daily. The fund’s annual yield of about 4.5% in the first 4 months of this year.

for the volatility of the product, the official said millet, millet buying demand treasure money is to buy a monetary fund, the fund invests primarily in bank deposit agreement and credit rating high bond assets, volatility depends on its rate of return on bank deposit agreement interest rate and bond asset price. But the total revenue has been growing, but the increase in the magnitude of each day is different.

MIUI, co-founder of millet millet charge peak said: "financial commitment to do two things, and create a platform for the establishment of a credit system." The peak said, millet financial focus on retail financial services, mainly to provide consumers with loans and financial services, hope that through the data of the credit and operating system, at very low cost, outstanding ability to control the wind and the ultimate user experience to impress users. And millet based on the accuracy of the financial system is the focus of the mobile terminal.

millet cut into the financial services sector, but also a good understanding. Millet massive Internet users and data value-added services based on Millet itself is "hardware software drainage, set up the stage, the service to make money" model, financial services is one of the most important services can be extended. Prior to investing in P2P loan platform building blocks box.

even if the millet rolls for the fund had invested in the Internet P2P platform building blocks box, but Hong Feng reiterated that "the choice of products to all users demand," he said, millet financial financial products in the choice and not see what is the relationship between a supplier and a company, will only focus on whether the user is love their financial products.

millet layout of Internet banking is actually a long time, but because of the weak status of the image of Ali is difficult to do the same system. Millet current treasure from the financial services, reverse the establishment of a financial service system, which is the purpose of millet involved in Internet banking.

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