All domain name registrants must provide corporate documents this month

China Internet Information Center (CNNIC) domain name rectification work, then the new tactics, a reporter today from the largest domain registrar China civilink and several other domain name registrars that, from the beginning of January 20, 2010, the domain names can only belong to the company or enterprise name.

previously, after being criticized CCTV named, CNNIC issued a series of domain name registration information to strengthen the work of the audit announcement. From December 14, 2009, the domestic individual users are not eligible for CN domain name registration.

reporter learned that, with the further requirement of CNNIC domain name rectification, from the beginning of January 20, 2010, all of the domain name registration information must be modified for real information, domain names can only belong to the company or enterprise name.

also showed that the domain name registrar of the latest notice issued, all before December 14, 2009 successfully registered domain name also need to submit the written identity registration documents, including the application form, the official seal of the domain name registration business license or a copy of organization code certificate (copy), registered contact identity information.

this means that individuals who had a CN domain name if you can not provide legal documents company or enterprise, will lose the current CN domain name.

The reporter then contact

CNNIC CNNIC, said it was part of domain name registrars with spontaneous behavior investigation action, but CNNIC has not issued a similar notice. However, CNNIC recommends that users provide information in accordance with the requirements of the registrar.


CN domain name registration interface is suspended

(reporter Yang Fan) yesterday, a foreign domain name registrar said that China Internet Information Center (CNNIC) recently began to require foreign registrar to stop accepting CN domain name.

according to foreign domain name registration notice WebNIC released, CNNIC before the foreign domain registrar from last week closed in succession overseas CN domain name registration interface, the user will not be able to close the stage from foreign registered domain name provider purchased the domain name CN. WebNIC stressed in the notice, the notice only for the new CN domain name registration.

previously registered domain name can still be managed, but the domain name transfer, information update function to stop.

at present, a number of foreign registered domain name has been CN shelf.

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