Nora scene refused penalty notice the ticket amount is inconclusive

[A5] before the stationmaster net news, Nora was critical for several suspected piracy will be fined 260 million yuan, but according to the Economic Observer reported, market supervision administration of Shenzhen Municipality in May 20th issued a "notice", but instead of the administrative penalty decision, market supervision administration of Shenzhen Municipality staff said Peng Conglin, 260 million the ticket has been since the establishment of market supervision administration of Shenzhen municipality, on infringement of intellectual property, the largest single ticket, on the other hand, our rights through the hearing, administrative review, prosecution and a series of procedures, review of the amount of the fine, if customers find other evidence in their favor, "you can not so much punishment".

"the army is no handsome", Nora refused penalty notice

reporter from the Shenzhen municipal market supervision and Management Bureau, the "administrative punishment hearing notice" issued in May 20th science and Technology Co., the amount of fines involved told the book reached 260 million yuan, it is understood that the jurisprudence of events leading to a considerable part of our senior staff jingfangxingju, Nora boss Wang Xin is not in the mainland, the day of our no responsible person refused to sign the scene by this book, market supervision administration of Shenzhen municipality has implemented a lien service.

in addition, the administrative penalty is "no penalty" principle, namely the parties with an offense, shall be given a fine of more than two times, the proposed fine of 260 million yuan whether repeated punishment, the official did not respond to this.

[Nora event review]

ten national copyright infringement case, Nora topped

news December 30, 2013, the holiday Copyright Bureau held a news briefing to combat Internet piracy, the meeting announced the 2013 Jian Wang action ten cases, including Baidu, Nora copyright infringement case in the first place.

, the State Copyright Bureau received the company Youku, music, Sohu, Tencent and other reports, November 19th on Baidu and Nora suspected of infringing video player software through the dissemination of works carried out an investigation, December 27th, the National Copyright Administration of Baidu and Nora company made ordered to stop infringement action, and impose a fine of 250 thousand yuan.

closed qvod server, broadcast from

fast broadcast the evening of April 16th made a meaningful announcement "to Nora user book: We Nirvana soon", notice that the qvod server will be closed, Nora will reborn in the bath fire, and bid farewell to the past, will usher in a new life, according to our present situation, Nirvana plan and after the desperate strategy is still in the "death" and did not usher in a new life.

police Waterloo, and a formal verification Nora

April 22nd, after Nora event from 11 in the morning, a large number of police entered Nora company, took control of all employees, our company immediately responded the normal operation, Shenzhen city public in April 23rd

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