Terminal which strong 3 years to see the domestic 105 new domain name

renamed China (eName.cn) October 20th news, according to incomplete statistics, in the past three years, terminal acquisition, new domain name enabled, domain name, domain name Pinyin letters occupy the majority, including Jingdong, vip.com and VANCL, with the way tourism network and other well-known terminal.


3 years about domain name enabled

than the first Baidu Click to visit, enter 4 to 5 letters can visit the site, then the user is more likely to directly enter the domain name to visit the site. Single letter domain name, 2 letter domain name and therefore more welcomed by the terminal.

, according to incomplete statistics, since 2012, just 3 years of time to the terminal acquisition or replace the use of the domain name has 41 letters, including 14 2 17 2 letters of.COM domain,.CN domain name has 7 letters, 3 letters as a domain name, shop No. yhd.com, vip.com vip.com. The 41 letter domain name, domain name has 36 letters enabled.

2 letter.COM domain names are now usually in the 7 digits of the 8 digit, Jingdong’s jd.com, millet mi.com are the 8 digit price trading. In addition to the terminal acquisition, now many 2 letter domain.COM was also acquired domestic domain name investors, such as domain name, mm.com ww.com, said the price is 7 digits.

2 letter domain name of a variety of meanings, can be understood as a combination of words in various fields, and a brief record, convenient access to the domain name of the user to visit the site.


Pinyin domain name:

angel investor Cai Wensheng in 2010 that micro-blog has said, in the Chinese Pinyin domain easy to spread the promotion". Many of the original creative use of the domain name of the site, in the past few years have also acquired the brand Pinyin domain name, or jump, or directly as the official website to enable the new domain name, such as where the customer with fanke.com jump to vancl.com, enabling youmi.cn to replace the umiwi.com meter net.

company is an important domain name part of a brand, in the past three years, pea pods acquisition of wandou.com, ink weather acquisition of moji.com, SouFun acquired fang.com and renamed real world, attractive benefits of the acquisition of mei.com, Meitu Xiu Xiu’s products enable meipai.com to beat the United States built station, storm enabled mojing.com.

Compared with other

domain name, Pinyin domain name has two advantages in the first point, are not familiar with a website, or a period of time not to visit the site after the complex type of the domain name is likely to be forgotten, but as long as know the Pinyin Pinyin domain name, do not need to bother other memory >

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