Stationmaster net broadcast Ali network operators to build Zhejiang Bank approved nstagram suddenly

1: lesbian community leader Lala Park, the "gay economics"  


before the start, Liao Ying Zhuo worked at Microsoft Asia Academy of engineering, and the founder of today’s headlines Zhang Yiming the same day entry. Three months later, Zhang Yiming left Microsoft business, as a former colleague Liao Ying Zhuo can not help feeling: perhaps this is I and his biggest difference, Zhang Yiming early want to know what you want."

after two years, Liao Zhuo battalion left Microsoft, began looking for business opportunities, but far less than the old colleague Zhang Yiming so well. Liao Ying Zhuo did a similar picture of Instagram social software, ended in failure, Lara park is his second attempt. "Once I went to the peony garden, I saw a lot of gay men go shopping, at that time, I think the man has been so open with no taboo." After the camp to find some comrade Zhuo Liao circle of friends to chat, there is a hope that we all can find "bestie" on a mobile phone.

2 valuation of more than $3 billion: mobile business empire Tang Yan " 

;" how to develop?

unfamiliar street is a location based mobile social software. Its official website information display, unfamiliar street technology by Tang Yan, former editor in chief of NetEase was founded in March 2011, in August 2011, the official launch of the location based mobile social products, unfamiliar street". Through unfamiliar street, the user can know the people around him; join the nearby group; check the nearby message; participate in the activities nearby. You can also exchange their location with friends, chat with funny expressions, etc.. According to industry insiders predict, unfamiliar street currently about 1.6-2 million users, monthly active users of not less than 55 million. To 12 yuan / month membership fee, unfamiliar street membership fee of $1 million per month also has $12 million.

at the end of last year, unfamiliar street officially announced the beginning of profitability, the main revenue from the game, value-added services (members and expressions) and advertising, etc.. Public information display, since November 2013, unfamiliar street launched the first game so far, has launched the "street dance group", "hegemony", "Mo Mo" and a variety of Mobile Games landlords bomb.

3 is a program ape dog, how can be fun dining?  

QQ, Wang Dongfeng tiger sniffing at this time reported that he founded the Five Flavor Restaurant expressed a strong opposition.

he hoped we can participate in a "game" for he is led to concerns — as "only two" media platform, tiger sniffing and his personal Sina micro-blog, he released real-time game live 1, 1.1, 1.2…… Edition。

"don’t report five flavors. The five taste makes people feel that the game has a commercial flavor – I don’t want it." Wang Dongfeng asked for a direct. When the tiger sniffed at him

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