Should be a diligent and have the idea of webmaster

      as a website, technology upgrade a lot, but for me, feeling experience and gain the most or the site……

      recently studied several foreign CMS, found that they have one thing in common: they are not the CMS we China original acquisition function!

      this has clearly reflected the lopsided development of our Chinese website!

      I would like to ask about our webmaster, you collect the content of how many views? I think we all know that, in fact, not much. I think we can make everyone happy to collect the number of search engines on the site is included in the number of it! I said here is not included in the amount of collection, because we do not deserve to talk about quality!!!

      we can take advantage of the network resources, however, the use does not mean to make a copy of it, right? We enter a keyword in Baidu, the search results are really many, you can look at a lot of it is almost the same! We are looking forward to the first few webmasters and he is not the same as the site can not be opened when users choose their website to enter, in this way to increase the flow of their web site! Sad ah……

      we do, to live up to visit our web site, we should be a hard-working webmaster, adhere to update their site every day, to collect and collate the network resources. There are a lot of resources on the network, we can sort them, and so on, you can simply process them, which is much better than our direct collection, right?

      when sorting out the network resources, we have to have their own unique ideas, so as to effectively integrate the resources for us to use!

      I swear I want to be a hard-working webmaster, the idea needs to be trained slowly!

      I hope that everyone can be a hard-working webmaster, rather than a collection of robots!

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