Share independent host management sour sweet bitter hot win 1000 cash prizes

      the server again invaded and server security settings cumbersome……

      Web page has been tampered with, the heart of the helpless and helpless……

      we provide you with a chance to talk, let more friends to share the story of you and your server!

      in order to promote the exchange of technology independent host management, for enterprises and individuals to provide more efficient solutions, SWsoft Chinese IT media cooperation and service partners with several professional co sponsored "farewell to the era of bare metal sour, sweet, bitter, hot independent host management" essay activities, users will be able to management experience, independent host wonderful story written, share your experience in the management of the host sour, sweet, bitter, hot.

      time: August 28, 2007 – October 20, 2007


      participation qualification: all interested in independent host management enthusiasts

      how to contribute: please indicate the author’s name, phone number, valid contact address, Email in the original article, and select any of the following contributions channels:

      SWsoft:[email protected]

      China IDC circle: [email protected]

      server online: [email protected]

      IT168 server channel: [email protected][email protected]

      essay rules:

      1 must be my original copy, will cancel the qualification;

      2 articles need to focus on the management of independent host experience, experience to do, not less than 500 words.

      3 article content >

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