Ma Huateng if 5 years ago operators also have resistance to shut down WeChat WeChat today


5 years ago when WeChat was born,

if the impact to the operator communication,

and the introduction of policies to close it directly, kill,

there’s no WeChat today."

Ma Huateng had suggested to the leadership, if 10 years ago, the policy did not ban the business license of the Taobao store owners, there is no Alibaba now. If 5 years ago against the closure of WeChat operators, there would be no today’s WeChat market.

Tencent will be in the future of cloud services, LBS, security, big data and other infrastructure areas as vigorously. On the field of security attention, Ma Huateng also forthrightly said, it is because 5 years ago to eat a loss. (good fortune Street No. 0)

following Ma Huateng’s speech in the Internet plus Summit:

I remember last year when we do the first Internet plus summit last year, was put forward from the NPC and CPPCC Internet plus action for a very short period of time, after more than a year of preparation and preparation, we have a more adequate Internet plus field results and report. I remember last year I put more Internet plus is the industrial revolution as a metaphor, such as our one or two industrial revolution was the age of the steam engine and the electrification of the revolution, so this time we are part of one of the third industrial revolution, is our energy information. We use the Internet as a kind of energy in all walks of life can actively embrace the form of understanding, I think we all industry should be more clearly see the Internet is not a new economy, and it has nothing to do with the new field, but a closely related, you must embrace, a new field or it will fall behind.

from this point we can see that in the past more than a year of time in several important areas, such as in communications, finance, retail, O2O, traffic in the area of great change, something I want to share simply with everybody I observed.

Internet plus communication, no friction

Internet plus communication, the traditional telecommunications field, now operators have very positive data and so on the new generation of WeChat embrace a new Internet based communication and cooperation is very good, the past friction has gone, we are now looking forward to the future development together for more than a year, but we also see that this area will also have many other new social problems, including the spread of bad information, because the communication platform for the transfer of very large.

When we

yesterday and the "people’s Daily" sign, "people’s Daily" the friend said to me, no, I’m almost half a life spent in your WeChat inside, I said this is a bit exaggerated, but if you open the mobile phone inside the power consumption, may see half of the electricity consumption in WeChat. "

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