Sina also rely on gathering to eat

just saw a news on Baidu news: "Wang Weiji admitted: ask the above election Miss Asia Pageant was insulting (Figure)", the link is, this article is an article reproduced above, I see is a simple casually collected article, do things carelessly. There is no obvious traces, continuous pictures, and I suspect the machine automatically collected, without manual review, of course, just a guess, there is no evidence. This is a screenshot:


original article picture should be like this:


as a domestic Internet news portal boss, really should not make such a mistake, but this is exactly the occasional mistake, or a kind of unspoken rule? I can make nothing of it and some small station is Sina, also long, need to rely on the machine acquisition content? Of course, as a news portal leader, every time the workload is very large, not every news are very strict, without any negligence, this is understandable.

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