Sources said the central bank stakeholders to confirm the prohibition of financial institutions to p


sources said the central bank to prohibit financial institutions to provide services for bitcoin transactions

Caixin reporter Zhang Yuzhe Wen

continuation of regulatory ideas at the end of last year to prevent the risk of bitcoin and prevent money laundering No. 289, Chinese central bank reiterated the bank and third party payment institutions shall serve bitcoin transactions, the current account in April 15th before the deadline cleared. Central bank stakeholders to the new financial reporter confirmed this policy trends.

the new financial reporter confirmed that the central bank in mid March to the various branches of the central bank issued a report entitled "on the further strengthening of the notice bitcoin risk prevention work" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), which requires banks and third party payment institutions, close all trading accounts for more than and 10 home territory bitcoin platform the. This means that financial institutions bitcoin trading account opening web platform is not legitimate, unless the cash transactions, bitcoin investors cannot Chinese in domestic bank transfer transactions, third party payment, unprecedented efforts.

notice requires all commercial banks and third party payment institutions to close all accounts of these platforms, the deadline is April 15th. Before this deadline, these accounts can still withdraw cash, but can not recharge. Overdue closed, the central bank will be punished. In addition, the central bank also asked the association to continue to pay the liquidation of the platform to change the way to recharge recharge, and timely notification to the commercial bank.

in the central bank in March after the notice, all bitcoin website companies can not open an account in the bank, while the use of personal account recharge once discovered will be banned. Also means that after the grace period in April 15th, bitcoin website no longer have a legitimate channel for customers to mention.


file also contains the name of a bitcoin China (BTCChina), fire currency network, OKCoin other 15 bitcoin trading platform, the list (see below). One of China’s top three bitcoin bitcoin platform for China (BTCChina), OKCoin and fire currency network. Bitcoin China was founded in June 2011, is the first trading platform operating in China, is China’s largest bitcoin trading platform, but also the first in the global trading volume.

not long ago, the world’s largest bitcoin trading platform Mt.Gox so internal mismanagement and bankruptcy, the world’s largest trading volume of three bitcoin platform for Bittamp, Bitfinex, btc-e.

over the past year, bitcoin prices in China described as thrilling, has experienced several rounds of roller coaster. At the end of February 2013, bitcoin RMB (6.2119, 0.0025, 0.04%) the price is still 100 yuan each, to April 10th, the price of up to $1546, after two days, the price dropped by half. May, bitcoin prices fell to the lowest 300 yuan. But then experience >

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