Network group purchase to account to the two or three line of the city into the main battlefield


is ranked in the financing after the group purchase website announced this year will hit hundreds of millions of dollars of funds for advertising, but the successor to enter the market enthusiasm remains high, the market is expected to "group purchase website shuffle" has not appeared. Some third party statistics, only in March of this year, the new domestic buy site reached 732. News shows that the current two or three tier cities to buy market competition has been hot.

in the chaos behind the staggering, not money to gamble, but the group purchase website earnings expectations. In the words of an industry analyst, these people are also more precise than monkeys, willing to throw money, there will be a way to get back".

crazy unabated

Internet start empty-handed entrepreneurial passion embodied in the group purchase website most incisive. Statistics show that last year, the domestic market before the first group buying site, by the end of last year, the number of domestic buy site has been close to 1800, the average daily birth of nearly 6 buy site. The risk of investment funds is more crazy. Data show that the number of foreign brands have been listed in the top part of the purchase of hundreds of millions of dollars.

since the beginning of this year, had expected all walks of life "shuffle" does not appear, the madness of various funds unabated. Data show that in March of this year, an average of nearly 25 daily buy site was born, this figure is more than 4 times last year.

market rumors, no regulation and zero cost group purchase website basically 35 can open up. From the end of last year to the beginning of this year, the reporter learned that the IT industry has more than and 10 people to join this market, involving the field of nothing more than catering, entertainment and daily necessities, etc..

has been financing the message from the group purchase website more crazy: glutinous rice nets only in CCTV and local TV hit 200 million yuan advertising, advertising plan beauty group for 130 million yuan, Groupon’s advertising budget is 550 million yuan, advertising budget of nearly 300 million yuan. Only a few sites advertising budget is close to 1 billion 200 million yuan, outsiders look at them should feel the pain of meat.

two or three line city into the main battlefield

third party statistics show that in March of this year, the domestic buy site total sales of $515 million, an increase of 26.8% over last year in December. Although the total growth momentum is good, but the total allocated to hundreds of buy site, sales can support the current state of madness? It is doubtful.

this growth has been included in the two or three line of the city’s pioneering performance. In March, the total sales, the first tier cities to buy site sales of about 30 million yuan, the line of the city of, respectively, broke through the $10 million and $5 million. Obviously, the two or three tier cities have become the main battlefield. A few days ago, an entrepreneur told the Beijing Morning Post reporter, said their market layout has entered the provincial capital city.

buy site statistics are not worth bragging about. Other types of online shopping in the expansion of the two or three cities

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